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Have you ever heard people talking about long tail keywords and wondered what they were and how they may be useful?

From my research, the easiest way to explain this concept is with the following example...

If someone goes to Google to look for something, generally the search may be something like this?

"How do I make money online?"

When you break it down the following are keywords:

How To Make Money Online

So any combination will gain some hits, but the most important part is hitting their exact search criteria by providing content that is of genuine interest to your readers.

From my research you will be most successful in monetizing your traffic if you apply the following formula :

Problem --> Reaction --> Solution

To summarize, you will get more traffic if you create posts with titles that are formed as questions/problems. In your article address the problem or question, provide a discussion of the details and considerations involved and offer a solution. If what you are offering is of value, then it is really a win-win situation for both you and the reader.

In this instance, long tail keywords are my solution. Instead of littering the terms Google AdSense and SEO in your article, place it in context with a phrase like this:

How will effective SEO increase your Google AdSense profits?

That my friends is a long tail keyword. When people search for a term or any term with the same keywords, you will have a much better chance of being suggested if you have a long term keyword each individual keyword.

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