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There are three points to make a basic website. A domain name. a web host, and a web builder. You can get all of this easily and absolutely free in the internet. I'll explain you step by step to make your gate to the virtual life. This is a tutorial about to make a real free website :

1. Domain Name
Domain name is a name for your website e.g. or There are a free domain provider that cost you nothing for a domain name. It's, it'll give you a domain name with a extension, such as or anything else. To get it easily just go to the website and check your domain availability. If your domain is available then just start signing up, if not just try another name. After signing up don't change your domain setting before we go through the next step.

2. Web Host
Web Host is a provider that make your site running on the internet. If a domain name is your company name, then your web host is your company building where your website operate. I recommend you go to because they give so much features that make your site running perfectly with no fees. Sign up and create a new account with your domain and take a look at your nameservers. Go to control panel and click account details and look at your nameservers. Go to and login if you're logout and start manage your domain. Choose manage dns servers and copy your nameservers to the boxes. It must be and After copy your namesevers, save your changes and it'll tell you that the domain is updating the servers and may take 2 days to update. Just be patient, and while waiting you can refer this site to everyone you know. I would be happy if you do!

3. Build Your Site
After get your domain name and a web host, then we must build your website to complete this. Before your site is builded, everyone can't access your site. So just start build your virtual empire. In they give you a webbuilder feature that you can access at your account control panel. After click the icon you must login through your truly website using the username that show on your domain account details. If you don't know your username, just go to control panel and click the "Account Details" icon and it'll show your account information. Scroll down and you'll find out your FTP username. Copy it to your login page and type your password and login. You must choose your template for your website. I recommend you to choose an eye-catching template. After choosing your template, you must choose your website name and slogan plus some keywords and description. Finally, your site is being build, it take less than 5 minutes to build your site. After your site is builded, you can edit your site content and pages. I'll explain this at the next moment. See you and thank you for visiting this site!

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