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There is no doubt that the Google adsense program is by far the most popular affiliate program ever, but the big question is what makes it the best and most sort after make money online business opportunity?

One of the reasons for the popularity of the adsense program is its' simplicity and ease of use. The special adsense code generates relevant ads to the content on the page. The result is that visitors to his page in question do not view the ads as an intrusion of diversion but they welcome them as an additional source of information.

With the adsense program, all you need is for somebody to click on one of the ads displayed on your site and you have earned some cash. This has been on of the key features that have made the adsense program the best make money online business opportunity.

However for adsense to work for you and help you generate significant amounts of cash, you will require plenty of traffic. The best business models that incorporate adsense usually mean that the site owner sells some other product or service and Adsense becomes just an additional source of income. The resultant high traffic of mostly people who will probably not end up making any purchases will instead click on your adsense ads and put money in your pocket.

How the blog way can be your best bet to make money online

Blogs or web logs have completely revolutionized the World Wide Web and in the process have created dozens of new millionaires.

Any hard working online entrepreneur can join this growing exclusive club of Internet millionaires by simply making the effort to learn and put into practice everything that is learnt.

There are actually numerous ways of generating traffic to your blog, the most popular being the seo (search engine optimization) and the use of popular keyword phrases. There are quit a number of blogs that have used no other marketing method to get their huge traffic. Imagine for a moment a situation where a blog has 2,000 links raking in traffic of just half a dozen or so on a daily basis. That's a whooping 12,000 unique visitors a day and just the sort of number that can make anybody a very serious income online.

Fortunately seo and reciprocal links are not the only way to generate traffic for a site looking for the best way to make money online.

You can for instance use classified ads to drive colossal amounts of traffic to your website. But before you drive traffic in the direction of your site it is absolutely important to ensure that there is something of great interest at your site that will keep your traffic there for as long as possible and more importantly will get them to return again and again.

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tonywong May 31, 2009 4:57 PM , said...

You are very right that a lot of traffic means a lot of adsense clicks. However I feel that even if the traffic is not supertargetted, the chances of clicks are still there. Therefore even if the readers are not repeat visitors, it does not matter so much. In fact repeat visitors may click less on adsense ads as they feel your posts are interesting enough to hold their attention and they do not need to look elsewhere for information.

adis May 31, 2009 7:55 PM , said...

Weleh boso linggis...

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