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For parents, having the burden of child care expenses can be draining. Maybe it's time to explore ways to earn money from home.

One way to earn money from home is to start your own at-home business. If you are a people-person, developing a business in which people come into your home (such as a clothing shop or daycare) or being a salesperson (such as candles or cosmetics) might be a great option for you.

If you have space in your home (such as a garage or den) which could be converted into a business area, having your own shop would be a fun way to earn money from home. Specialize in a hobby or interest you enjoy such as hunting or antiques or make your own products to feature as sales items like jewelry or candles.

To earn money from home by being a shop owner would, of course require some investment like restructuring, extra utility costs, decorating, advertising, product costs and possibly employee payrolls.

Some people however, prefer to work alone. Dealing with co-workers is one of the top 10 reasons professionals quit their jobs. In this case, providing a service in which you excel would be a good way to earn money from home. Decide on a business endeavor in which you could spend at least 90 percent of the time working by yourself, such as an at-home accounting business or book proofreader. All jobs though, include some person-to-person contact such as phone calls or asking businesses to display advertising for your company.

Consider buying an empty building or existing company and be a business owner who collects all the profits. Sure, you'd have to make an appearance from time to time to check on business matters. It is a reasonable way to earn money from home while never having to lift a finger.

Telecommuting to work is also an option to earn money from home. Talk to your boss or supervisor about possibly doing your duties from home and either e-mailing or faxing it in. If this isn't possible, there are many companies out there who need people to work from home doing secretarial, bookkeeping or writing work. Advance in your career and do the job you've always enjoyed. The only difference would be that you now have a virtual office and no co-workers or heavy-breathing bosses surrounding you.

Another option to earn money from home that is similar to telecommuting, is to freelance. Turn your skill or hobby into a profitable career by doing contract work for businesses. Set your own schedule, haggle your own fees and still have time for your family.

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nice article, keep writing...

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