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One problem people have when they go online to make money is they look for the fastest way to do it. What ends up happening is you end up spending money to make money and it does not work out for you.

There are many make money scams that are not really scams and there are products and opportunities that will scam you without making any money.

Let's look at 3 that could be make money scams for you.

1. Get paid to take surveys. This is legitimate, but very few people who try to do this ever make any money. Although you are not really scammed what happens is you buy a book that teaches you how to find companies willing to pay people to take surveys.

You end up with a list that you begin filling out personal information on. Many times you provide a credit card to receive a free offer. If you do not remember to cancel you end up with a paid membership or buying a product that costs more than the money you made filling out the survey.

There is a lady named Deborah Casey who is a survey interview expert and you can find an interview with her online on Rosalind Gardner's NetProfitsToday Blog.

2. Stuff envelopes. If you have been looking for a way to make money at home you have seen classified ads in newspapers or on the internet. For a small fee you will receive a list of jobs to stuff envelopes and get paid to do it. What happens is you send in the fee and never ever make any money after that.

3. Type at home. You buy a book which teaches you to place classified ads via pay per click advertising and other methods promoting the book you just bought. Are you typing at home? Generally you spend money you do not really have to try and earn money that you will never make. You end up frustrated and back online looking for another way to earn money.

What you really are looking for is a legitimate home business which you can start with your own money making website or blog. That or go to and look for a job from a real employer looking to hire work at home people. That avoids make money scams, but will require you to actually work for the money you make.

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