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Want a recession proof way to make money? If you are afraid that you might lose your job because of the poor stock market and financial crisis, you should find another source of income as a backup. Set up your own business or start to make money in online. Do something to improve your financial situation.
It never fails to buy insurance for your source of income.

You can try the following for alternative sources of income :

- Get another part-time job

- Give Tuition if you are a graduate (this is almost recession proof as families always pay good money for good tutor for their children’s education)

Of the 4 suggestions, most people will likely get another part-time job because it is the most familiar to them.
Have you wondered why most people keep working harder but never make a good life out of their hard work?
There was a very hardworking tree cutter who worked more hours than all his fellow tree cutters. He started in the early morning and barely rested in the day and worked through to the night. He did this for exactly 90 days but he did not manage to cut more trees than any of this fellow workers.
The fellow workers were surprised so they went over to see why the hardworking one was not doing right. So if you want to make money, make sure you work smart.

Do not get a part-time job to give yourself an alternative income. Most business would need a lot of time and money. If it is low cost and very easy to learn. It is ideal for newbie’s who want to learn to make more money at low cost. Make money working online.

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