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If someone came up to you and said that they were conducting a make money online survey what would you say? The surveyor wants to know how you would advise someone who is eager and willing to learn. Here are the following answers I received in an informal survey of this question.
I asked people to suggest ways that offer the greatest possible income, is practical, and is more time than money intensive.

1. A good way to make money online is to write articles on your product or service. It will also convince others that you have some expertise in the topic you are promoting.

2. Create fresh content on your website for search engines.

3. Network online with forums. As you join discussions, you'll learn more about what other people are doing to make money online. You'll also be able to distinguish the reasons between those who fail and those who succeed.

4. Stay abreast of offline information from newspapers and magazines, radio, TV, and cinema. Once you've identified a hot market, you can build a business around it.

5. Read a variety of blogs related to your chosen industry. Learn more from the rants of experts as well as from the response of readers. Besides learning new techniques, you'll also get a much better idea of how to market to your target audience.

6. Survey people wherever you go about their consumer interests. You can also run a survey on your own website.

7. Visit bookstores online and offline. Online bookstores will tell you what the best sellers are. Offline bookstores will allow you to review the books that people like in much more depth.

8. Make your offers relate to seasonal events. Festivals, sporting events, and the latest Hollywood releases can clue you in to what people are paying attention to right now.

9. Similarly, keep an eye out for current fads. It could have something to do with fashion or new inventions, with cultural or global events.

10. Keep an active swipe file. Whenever you come across a good idea, keep notes on it. Sometimes you might come across an interesting website. Sometimes a customer may ask you some interesting questions that illuminate their interests.

Hopefully this makes money online survey will help you respond to a survey, but more importantly, give you some ideas on how you can make online.

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alhejawi July 18, 2009 1:36 PM , said...

Thank you infonya..., mantap

buJaNG July 18, 2009 1:37 PM , said...

Makasih banget tipsnya, bisa dicoba nih....

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