August 16, 2009

Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

Make money online with affiliate marketing are so profitable. Well, expert bloggers are familiar with affiliate program/marketing, but how about the beginners? Well, if you don't know what affiliate marketing is, I'll explain you in this post.

From Wikipedia :
Affiliate Marketing is an Internet-based marketing practice in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought about by the affiliate's marketing efforts. It is an application of crowd sourcing.

From me :
Affiliate marketing is a referral program, if you refer someone, then you will get money. Simple.

Many people fail when promoting a product, and just 1% of them already success. To solve this, I will give you step by step tutorial plus a few tips for a success affiliate marketer.

How to do it:

1. Sign up for a program, as an example, we choose Clickbank.
2. After that, you will get a few offers to promote some products. Choose one product and you will get the affiliate link. This link is your money machine.
3. Start promoting your link(s) and if someone by a product through your link(s), you will get a commission.

Tips from me :

1. Affiliate link are so ugly, it will shown like this : or something else. To make sure people visit your link(s), just by a domain, or get a free one, or if you want a simpler one, use and redirect it to your affiliate link(s).

2. A high traffic blog is very good for promoting your link(s).

3. Also you can promote your link(s) in forums, chat rooms, or mailing list.

Just do what I say and you will earn at least $1/day. Not bad for a beginner.

Note : For more info about affiliate marketing, visit and

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  1. Hi, Thanks for your informative article.

    Making money online is about;

    1. Product
    2. Traffic
    3. Conversion.

    Get these 3 things right and you can make cash.

    It can be quite difficult to make money online. However, plenty of people are doing it. It takes time to learn

    the tricks of the trade. It is possible though.

    There are more fast cash ideas at my website if you are interested.



  2. No matter what program you've joined, traffic is the key for success.

  3. Is there any program beside Clickbank? Cause I think more programs means more money.

  4. Did you mean that affiliate links are ugly, then we should use kind of shortURLs, to manipulate other users, to hide the business? :)

  5. @dani : Yes, but if it possible, you can buy a new domain for your affiliate link.

  6. I am a beginner in Affiliate Marketing (about a month). What you have written here is only the surface of running an affiliate program because I have done what you have listed here, BUT I NEVER EARN ANY...

    What john Welton write is very very true : Traffic is the key. So for a beginner like me, what is important is A Tutorial on how to get traffic to go to your promotion page/site.

    Putting a link and telling others in the forum don't actually make those people go to your site also...

    SO WHAT ACTUALLY DO A BEGINNER NEED TO DO TO REALLY ABLE to take off in affiliate marketing???

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