January 20, 2009

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Adsense Formula

The Adsense Variables

TT(High CTR) + Content = Adsense Earnings

Content - try to have a 1000 words of keyphrase-rich content. High CTR - highly optimized placement of the adsense code. TT - Highly Targeted Traffic

Yes that's it. The "Adsense Formula" is just a basic math problem and as we all know any on can learn math. We're not near finished. These variables the make up the Adsense Formula is the key to your success. Why refer to them as variables, because these Adsense elements constantly change and YOU are in full control of them. Imagine a indoor plant and its variables. Sunlight, Soil PH, CO2, Fertilizer, and Water. You control every variable and if each one is highly optimized then you will have a healthy fast-growing plant. If you highly optimize each adsense variable then you will in turn receive a healthy fast growing adsense income.
Now that we have an understanding let's evaluate this "Adsense Formula."

January 7, 2009

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How To Insert Blogumulus Into Your Blog

What is blogumulus? As you can see in my sidebar, it's a navigation menu through my articles. It's easy to use, but it's easy to make too. Follow this instructions and you will get it in your blog perfectly.

Go to your blog dashboard and choose Layout - Edit HTML. Search the following code :

<b:section class='sidebar' id='sidebar' preferred='yes'>