April 15, 2010

5 Types of Comments That Attract Attention

Have you ever leave a comment in order hoping to get traffic from it? If yes, did it works? Some people leave comments to attract visitor, the others to get backlinks, but just a few who left comments for nothing, just a critic. Well, I will show you some types of comment that will attract attention of the visitor, at least they remember your name for a minute.

 1. The First Comment
This kind of comment absolutely get attention from the blog's owner itself, especially when they moderate all of the comments, just like me moderate your comment. And this kind of comment should get attention from readers who like to leave a comment, because this comment is at the first place, so they must read it, or at least see it.

2.  The Long (or Longest) Comment
If this kind of comment combined with the number 1, it will be absolutely perfect because there is no reason for readers to not see it. Maybe they wouldn't read this comment, but at least they will remember you as a smart and critical person. As you know, creating a long but stay-on-the-topic comment is kinda hard, and you should appreciate this kind of comment.

3.  The Asking Comment (The comment with question)
If you have a question about a blog post, then just ask it at the comment section. I was left a comment like this, and I got backlink from the blog because in the next post my question was showed up and the author gives me a backlink. They do this because question is one of the blog post ideas generator.

4. The Unique Comment
Take a look at the screenshot below.

The picture of the bear was made of symbols, funny, isn't it? This kind of comment will be more attract attention of you left it in the right blog, such as diary blog or gallery blog. I suggest you to not to leave this kind of comment in a serious blog, like forex blog. Credit goes to Remba, the owner of the comment.

5. The Comment that Gives Critics
Also, this kind of comment will get extra attention from the blog's owner itself, just like number 2, but with more attention. This kind of comment is good for your friendship with the blog's owner because critics or feedback is needed to make the blog better. Yes, I need your feedback too, so leave a comment here!

So, what kind of commentator do you are? Leave a comment so the others will see you!


  1. berita untuk negriApril 17, 2010 at 10:30 AM

    thank's for the information buddy, realy good tips for me..cheers

  2. @berita untuk negeri : Thanks for your visit too!

  3. Reza,

    Great idea. I am going to approach comments with a different strategy from now on. I always seek to add value but throw in the occasional question too; this ensures a response in most cases.

    The long comment is effective as long as it isn't long-winded. You'll usually get a backlink click from the blog admin by providing an in-depth, valuable comment.

  4. Nice tips Reza.

    Can I write in my blog? This tips is same with my topics at this month and I will give you link back.


  5. when i can get a unique comment like this???

  6. great idea, thanks for the information, realy good and nice tips and i will give you linkback

  7. #4 is truly cool but my guess is it would hit the akismet spam filter. I am not sure I would even approve it as a comment because it is not related to the post.

  8. @Ryan : Your comment is an example for all visitor for a good comment!

    @A9YnD1LV3R : Of course, as long as you keep your promise!

    @pakboz : When your blog is unique, I think.

    @Gus Ikhwan : Thanks dude!

    Ned Carey : Yeah, I think it would hit the Akismet filter, as I said on the above post, you can try it on a Blogger blog with random niche.

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  10. WebpageLotteryMay 7, 2010 at 6:34 PM

    Actually long comments really annoy me. But out of my curiosity I usually will click on the link to see who will give this kind of comment. I guess you are right they do catch my attention. Haha.

  11. The bear comment would give me a laugh, but I prefer the comments that give me some creative input. The ones that tell me what I'm doing and if I'm doing it well. :D

  12. @Anup @ Hack Tutors : Thanks for your amazing program, I will try it soon!

    @WebpageLottery : Is that true that long comment annoy you? Well, instead of being annoyed, I will be really happy if somone leave a long comment (but stay to the topic).

    @rich2012 : Yes, I agree with you, the comment that give feedback is absolutely needed for me.

  13. Yeahh... I think it is so difficult to make atractive comments lke tht... But It depends on the ability of the person in to comment

  14. I would personally say that I'm a combination of "first commenter" and "longest commenter". Typically I get first five when it comes to commenting on blogs (call it sheer luck). As far as long comments go, I LOVE to write. I find that I tend to get my words and thoughts better on paper then I could verbally speaking it. Seriously, some of my comments can get up to 2,500 words. I have a lot to say.

  15. @akhatam : Yes, it's hard, but keep in mind that if you do it again and again, it will be more easier.

    @Kelsey : Wow, you must be a nice commenter of course!

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  24. Great tips.
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