April 15, 2010

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5 Types of Comments That Attract Attention

Have you ever leave a comment in order hoping to get traffic from it? If yes, did it works? Some people leave comments to attract visitor, the others to get backlinks, but just a few who left comments for nothing, just a critic. Well, I will show you some types of comment that will attract attention of the visitor, at least they remember your name for a minute.

 1. The First Comment
This kind of comment absolutely get attention from the blog's owner itself, especially when they moderate all of the comments, just like me moderate your comment. And this kind of comment should get attention from readers who like to leave a comment, because this comment is at the first place, so they must read it, or at least see it.

2.  The Long (or Longest) Comment
If this kind of comment combined with the number 1, it will be absolutely perfect because there is no reason for readers to not see it. Maybe they wouldn't read this comment, but at least they will remember you as a smart and critical person. As you know, creating a long but stay-on-the-topic comment is kinda hard, and you should appreciate this kind of comment.