February 7, 2011

Everyday Blog Updates : Should We?

Many professional bloggers say that a everyday regular blog updates are needed in attracting readers. They say that if a blog is updated every day consistently it will brings many visitors. Perhaps this is true, but I think this only applies to people who can deliver great content. Behind it all, most of us are not able to present great content every day.

Many obstacles, such as a little time, or the inability of bloggers to provides great content every day. In this post, we will discuss about this. Personally, regular updates are very nice IF the content published is really good. However, if we are not able to, should we keep doing it? There is controversy in this case. Some say we should keep doing it because we will learn to write well. But if we do not have the talent to write perfectly, or we are out of ideas, this cannot be done.

I recommend not imposing ourselves to update the post on our blog when we cannot afford. Why? Here's why:

  • Post we will be less interesting because it's not a great work of our. Imagine when someone visits your blog he will see many posts that are not interesting because we make it in a hurry, chances are he will leave. 

  • Post we will be less useful to readers because we are not have any idea. Talking about something that is useful is good, but if the topic is repeated it will be boring. You know the reaction when the reader are bored. 

  • We will lose the readers because they are bored with our less-quality post. What do you do if you subscribe to the blog and saw that the blog was just posted something that is not worthy? 

  • It's better to have 10 posts that are very useful and very nice rather than 100 posts that only contain things that are repetitive and boring. In essence, quality better than quantity. J.K. Rowling just wrote a few known novels, but she quickly become famous than the writer who authored many dime novels that never ogled people. 

However, you are free to choose whatever you want. Personally, I advise you to do what I order IF you are not a reliable author or someone who is full of creative ideas every day. Do not force it just because a professional do it. Remember, every person has the features and style respectively. Be unique.  

Should we do it? Let the others see what you think about this post!


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    Kalau menurut ane tergantung dari Blogger masing2 itu sendiri, apa harus setiap hari dipaksain?

  2. Hmmm, mau komen apa ya?
    Saya gak bisa bahasa Inggris.
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    Well I agree, updating once a day, it's too damn demanding and time consuming, better to make 2-3 good quality posts in 1 week, what do you think?

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  6. @Download One Piece Indonesia : Ya makanya itu, kalo ga bisa jangan dipaksain, soalnya bisa berakibat buruk sama reputasi.

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  7. Blog hebat. Kunjungan perdana, salam.

  8. wah makasih yah informasinya..., maaf komentarnya pakai bahasa indonesia hehehehe soalnya yg punya orang indonesia sihh., oh iya salam kenal yah..

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  10. I think quality is more important than quantity, CMIIW

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  13. Yes I agree with you Reza, number of posts is not important, we should consider only the quality of the post. I think 2 to 3 posts is enough for per week..

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    I agree, updating or creating a new post a day is very demanding and your readers probably will not get your best and most informative posts. I think you should make it fun for yourself as well as for your readers. Forcing yourself to create a new post each day will probably get very old pretty soon and you will run out of material soon.

  15. i agree with caroline...

  16. Agree but the longer you wait to write the more lazy you become and then you will try harder and harder to write. In the end, you will neglect your blog....

  17. Mas, ini blog bagus. Salam kenal, Mas. Senang sekali kalau bisa saling kunjung dengan tulus. Bagi-bagi pengalaman sih biar ini spirit terus terbakar. Thanks ya, Mas.

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  19. For me, I think its very important. Because Google Like Blogger that their article always update. But, You must provide the best article for your reader not a copy result from the other blog

  20. Tidak tipa hari ..aku jika ada ide baru dech posting..
    Salam kenal

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    i personaly dont like to update my blog everyday, i think have many post or article is not ways to get many visitor, like you said 10 useful post is precious than 100 boring post. But dont forget about "content is the king too" ;)

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  23. I have similar thoughts about posting updates every day on the blog. What for update every day, if that post just a lip service and not equivalent to the theme of these blogs. That's only for a waste of time. Users may want to see and read a post that has special meaning, so foster their passion for reading other posts. In the end, they would always wait and follow the update the next post. Is it not desirable each blogs owner?
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  24. There is also an opinion once a week. but it does not matter if there is a chance then write an article

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  31. baru pertama kesini.. ini blogger platform kan? sumpah dah.. bagus bener ni template. bener2 rasa wordpress... oiya, masalah update menurut saya ga harus tiap hari. tapi yang penting paling tidak seminggu 2-3 kali lah minimal bos.. thanks

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  34. kalo saya mang sudah targetin buat postingan setiap hari... maklum, blog sy mang berisi kata2 lebay pribadi saya (puisi maksudnya...^_^)
    btw, ane dah follow 95. follback ya kawan...

    sukses selalu...

  35. well reza, u'r almost true...
    as i do in my blog, very dificult building attracted conten... hahahaha it more hard if we cant write english too, like me..
    im newbie

  36. Kalau aku gak tiap hari,paling kalau lagi ada ide dan waktu luang aja.. Happy blogging..

  37. This is really True because trying to make daily posts decreases the post quality and length which makes blog look scam.

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