12 Most Successful Bloggers Around The World

Blogging becomes one of the activities or hobbies that interest many people in the world. People having talent in writing or having a hobby in writing makes this blogging activity as their hobby as well as earning money from their articles writings. Many of them share about their experiences that they found in their life and there are also many people providing information about the important thing that many people love to search. It might sound simple and easy thing to do and the opportunity to be the great as a successful blogger is a little. However, it cannot be said like that because there are so many successful blogger around the world that can give inspiration, like these 12 most successful bloggers around the world.

All people have a chance to be a successful in the field that they love, but there are a few of them who can do their work ethic well to reach their own success through the activities or the things that they love. These 12 most successful bloggers around the world might give you inspiration for you to follow what most of successful bloggers have done to reach their success. You can take one of them to be a role model of yours if you are in the blogging world and you want to be successful. You can also follow them especially their work of ethic even though you are not in the same field.

12 Most Successful Bloggers Around The World That Can Inspire You

These are 12 most successful bloggers around the world that might give you inspiration in following through the path of their success. You can learn more about their journey to be the successful bloggers whenever you want to improve yourself to be the one who becomes one of the inspirational blogger. They are:

1. Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is one of the most popular blogger who reach their success trough the blogging about making money via stock trading. His capability in trading interests him to teach and give knowledge to other trader online. Through his writing, he gets his fame and the million dollar money started to follow. As he is very popular, he is often invited by national television like ABC, CNBC, FOX and CNN to share about stock market.

2. Pat Flynn

Through his personal blog SmartPassiveIncome.com, Pat Flynn becomes one of the successful bloggers that can give you inspiration. He started conducting his writing about the online money making project. He has so many followers and readers that drive him to get his fame and success. The content of the website that is very friendly and easy to read becomes one of the main points that lead him to success. He seems to try to spend much of his time with his family since he loves his family very much. He is also often invited by industry conferences. Pat earned more money since the readers increase day by day.

3. Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss is an author of bestselling books, The 4-Hour Workweek and other two popular books. The blog he makes is fourhourworkweek.com/blog. He popularizes the internet lifestyle and the lifestyle design in the internet. He becomes more famous and earns many incomes.

4. Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk’s concern is about wine so that he talks about everything related to wine. His interest in wine brings him to successful bloggers through online video blogging. Even, he builds his wine business and it grows up to $60 million dollar wine wholesale business. He is very famous as not only businessman but also author and co-founder of Vayner Media. He is featured in many media and TV show.

5. Rand Fishkin

Rand Fishkin is one of the successful bloggers that first started blogging about SEO. He creates SEO software and it is followed by many people and subscribers. Besides, he also provides SEO consultant service and he has a big company that earns millions dollar per year and increase as he also build the other companies.

6. Michael Arrington

Michael Arrington writes a blog about technology. His blog is always up to date and there are so many technology news lovers visiting his blog. He is also known as the “Prophet of Silicon Valley” as he becomes the most influential person in the technology.

7. Andrew Sullivan

Starting his blog “The Daily Dish” in 2000, Andrew Sullivan got his many visitors in the middle of 2003. He started to work on this blog full time and with continues to follow the big revenue through his effort.

8. Brian Clark

Brian Clark is also very famous with his Copyblogger. He provides everything to learn about copywriter and content marketing related. As he gets so many visitors and it is more than 100k subscribers, Brian Clark builds several software companies, including Synthesis, Premise, Scribe and Studio Press. It gets more and more successful day by day.

9. Harvey Levin

Harvey Levin is not only a blogger but also he is an American lawyer, celebrity reporter and legal analyst. He leads his website about the celebrity gossip and he often posts his performance on TV show to his website TMZ. He also often appears as a guest on the materials in relation to the celebrity gossip such as on FOX, CNN and many other networks.

10. Pete Cashmore

Pete Cashmore is very famous blogger in the world, he build blog Mashable containing everything about the news, information and resources, ranging from technology, entertainment, lifestyle and even business. Mashable gives inspiration toward so many people so that this site becomes the most popular destination for digital networks in the world. He started blogging at the age of 19s and he is considered the youngest richest blogger in the world.

11. Darren Rowse

Darren Rowse is also famous with his blog containing about his entire hobby, including Olympics and his passion for photography. After that, he started making Problogger as a website to help other bloggers. He becomes a full time blogger and makes money through advertising deals, AdSense and affiliate marketing. Darren Rowse is very famous and he is considered as internet celebrity according to Forbes magazine.

12. Jake Dobkin

Jake Dobkin is the man behind the Gothamist.com, a newsy site that covers many kinds of articles such as food, events and art. The site covers the life in New York and it expanded several cities including London, Shanghai and Toronto. With his writing, he earn millions dollar every month and it drives his success.

Those are 12 most successful bloggers around the world that might give you some inspiration. You can learn from all of those successful people in blogging. You can also be one of them you try hard to achieve it. When you have passion in writing blog, you can share everything that you found in your life or share about knowledge that you have. There are so many things that can be the material for your blog. When you are consistent, you can be successful as those 12 successful bloggers.

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7 Ways To Make Money Online Using The Help Of Advertising

Nowadays, online advertising seems to become the popular way to make money online. The definition of online advertising can also be called as online marketing which uses online media or internet to promote, to acknowledge or to recognize a product or services to the customer or public. Since the advance of the technology today, many offline marketing activities are supported by online media to reach much more customers. It is because the promotional media using internet is considered as the unrestricted area so that it can widely reach people. Therefore, many people much more interested conducting marketing online as the media to promote their product or service. There are so many ways in making money online that you can learn and you can do yourself. These 7 ways to make money online with advertising might give you reference to reach your financial success.

7 ways to make money online with advertising that you can try

When you want to introduce your product and services online, there are so many ways that you can do. Have a look at these several devices to make money online with advertising:

Placing your advertisement via ad services run by search engine

Placing your advertisement online is very simple. You can have an ad service by search engine. It works very simple. You just provide articles about everything especially about the product that you put several keywords into the article to make the search engine easy to find your articles that it will lead the visitor to go to your website. In advertising your product, you can pay only when a potential client click through your ads. Making the website you have in the top of search engine range will make your product can be known easily, so that you can choose this marketing model to boost your sales.

Email marketing

Email marketing is also very simple. The way you promote your product is through sending emails to many email lists that you found. In this way of email marketing, you need to send as many emails as possible to reach your prospective buyer. You provide a contact in your letter so that your prospective customers will be very easy to contact you for more detail about the product and service you offer. You need to do research to know which the suitable target market for your product. It will make your work efficient and simple.

Making a website

Making a website that contains all about your product and service is very important. It aims to help your prospective customer to now more about your product and services to the quotation you provide and other more information you make. Not only for advertising the product, website also functions to the publication of the company you have. The more your company acknowledged by many people, the more you get a chance to take many prospective customers. You also need to synchronize the website with the social media you have in order that many visitors in your website able to share and you can also share everything about the website.

Social media advertising

Social media advertising is also good in advertising your product online. As many social media user are youngsters, you can advertise your product and services to reach them. Social media is very popular in the last few decades that lead to the emergence of many kinds of social media. Nowadays, there are so many kinds of social media, ranging from facebook, twitter, tumblr, pinterest, linkedin, and many more. You need to be active in the social media to post something useful related to your product. The more you have social media, the more your company will be known publicly.

Open online reseller

Opening reseller will give you the chance to have more buyers because you provide many marketing that you does not even give fee to your reseller. Usually, many businessmen who open reseller program will only give special price to reseller. Therefore, the reseller will get paid from every item they need. This kind of online advertisement model is very good to be applied for retailer business that needs to sell as many as products they have. It usually includes grocery product, fashion, food, etc. you can also take this way of advertisement to boost your sales.

Pay per click advertising

Pay per click provides you to find prospective customer through the advertisement that you install with link, banner or widget in other blogs. You paid whenever the visitor clicks the link, banner or widget that you provide in others blogs. It will lead so many visitors come to your website to look at your product and service quotation. This is very simple and can lead many visitors of prospective customers. This advertisement model is widely used by many companies to promote their product and services.

Mobile advertising

Mobile advertising is an advertisement using mobile phone. Many big companies have been conducting this advertisement ways to attract many customers. It was using short message service (SMS) to send broadcast message in order that a product or service widely known. Nowadays, it can be reach through the application in the Smartphone that makes easier to install advertisement. It usually appear on the game of the Smartphone and other many application in the Smartphone.

That’s all 7 ways to make money online with advertisement to reach you financial success through the increase of the sales of your product. Making money online with advertisement works very simple and it can reach widely prospective customers. The internet marketing becomes the new way to make money of people today because it is considered as having many advantages and more simple. You can start to advertise your product online by starting to build a website that contain the information about the product you and you give the contact of your company. It will increase the sales when you able to make all the online advertisement tools effectively. Moreover, the more you publish your product online or advertise it, the more chance to get many customers and the more money you will get.

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