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Hi, my name is **** ******** and I write Blogger Make Money to help bloggers monetize their blog so they can build a better blog.

I am 17 years old and I live in Indonesia. I started blogging in December 2008 when I am looking a method to earn money from the internet. I have suffered in blogging a few times. The one that I will remember forever is when my Adsense account is banned by Google. That's make me lose my blogging spirit and then I stand up again and now as you can see, I optimize this blog for a better future.

Maybe you'll ask me why I didn't create a Google Account so I can earn from Adsense again? The answer is I love my Google account! It's hard to find a better username than the one I have right now.

UPDATE : I had been paid by Google Adsense twice, and it is because I paid somebody to recreate my account.

So, I hope this blog is useful for everyone that wants to make money online!

You can connect with me through Facebook or Twitter.

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